Sitting next to the Brighton Hotel and opposite the Victorian Bandstand, it was started in 1801 and finished by the late 1820's. Originally Bedford Square consisted of the two house's at the base of the square now part of Kings Road and the Brighton Hotel.










All the houses were quickly made into holiday and guest homes. Having its own private garden similar to Montpelier Terrace, the garden was eventually acquired by the Brighton Council in the mid 20th Century. The Square was originally open in both top corners, the street entrance, and a pathway through where No's 26/27 are now. This path led to the church through Sillwood Street. That is perhaps why these houses in the far corner lack the fancy balconies, balustrade and roof line that all the other listed buildings do.











The Square now house's a variety of residents, and resounds to the sounds of children in the day, B-B-Q's in the evening and foreign students with guitars in the night. There is one guest house left in the square, but most are private or long stay houses with prices ranging from £90 per week to £200K
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